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1. Manuscript report

I'll read your manuscript and make concrete suggestions to help your writing take its strongest form.


2. One-to-one

As a writer, you may need an in-depth conversation with someone who has read your manuscript and can help you see it with fresh eyes. We can work together to bring your best ideas to the surface or solve a sticking-point in your plot.


3. Hands-on editing

I'll carry out structural editing to get your book into shape. This could include pruning a too-long manuscript; outlining new chapters; or making changes to the way in which your argument or plot unfolds, following a plan we’ve agreed together.


4. Co-writing

If you're working on a memoir or life-writing project, I'll help you think about how best to approach it – or co-write it with you.


5. Other projects

I've helped artists, campaigners, businesspeople and academics to strengthen their written work.